Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The beauty of screens...

Room dividing screens are a lost form of art in the home.  You only need to look at a period costume drama like Downton or Poirot  to see the important role they played in interiors in former times.  Not only are they decorative, but also practical in these modern times when apartment living can be cramped with children sharing rooms etc.
Coco Chanel was a great fan of Chinese or Coromandel screens and it is believed she owned 32 folding screens.   

 “I’ve loved Chinese screens since I was eighteen years old…I nearly fainted with joy when, entering a Chinese shop, I saw a Coromandel for the first time…Screens were the first thing I bought…” (Quoted in “Chanel Solitaire” by Claude Delay – Gallimard – 1983 p.12)

Image from Chanel News 29.06.10

I am hoping to revive the love of the screen and bring a range to suit everyone's home and style -
whether they be elegant, coastal, arty or cool.

Any requests or suggestions?

Screen featuring Bethany Linz 'The Great Shalimar' fabric.  Screen is backed with natural linen weave.

Screen and Bethany Linz products at 'Life in Style' Sydney 2015

Great architecture ...

Hongkong Bank, HK -  I saw it grow from a hole in the ground until it was finished - it still looks amazing today with futuristic features like a sun scoop to reflect sunlight into the cathedral-like atrium.

John Pawson - minimalist genius - my flatmate in London, Alejandro Fernandez, worked for Pawson and I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times.

Foster's dome at the top of the Reichstag in Berlin - an amazing feat of architecture and engineering.  Tribute should be paid to the late Mark Braun who was Project Architect on this job and also instrumental in introducing me to my husband Sven.

Foster's Sainsbury Centre extension at the University of East Anglia - built into the ground with a grass roof...

MBMO's car park at the Seventh Day Adventist hospital  - beautiful architecture right here in Sydney by my husband, Sven (former Foster's) and his team.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Moving on...

After two happy years working together and helping to establish the Bethany Linz label I have decided to pursue my own design ideas, leaving Bethany in the capable hands of Sparkk, who will be releasing her fabric and wallpaper collections in future.  It's the logical step as the Rysenbry family were the former owners of Mokum where Bethany honed and developed her textile design skills.  I'm sure Bethany's designs will now get the exposure they deserve and put her firmly on the international design scene.

I feel excited by the challenge of bringing to the market my own take on what I feel is new and relevant to the interiors industry - developing new products to fruition, with an eye for something well designed and a bit different.  When Bethany first asked me to join her, she was unsure if there was enough room for more fabric - my response was that there is always room for more beauty! 

Soon to come - a taste of what I love - more with an architectural eye and minimal approach - but always open to fashion trends, colours, sustainability and something that's just a bit ahead of its time!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ollmann Design - Room Dividing Screens - with removable fabric panels!

It's exciting to have one of my Ollmann Designs realised - beautiful room dividing screens - not only for decorative use but practical in smaller apartments and the need to shield off areas and gain much-needed privacy and peace.

Screen height 1800mm x 4 panels 500mm wide.  Collapsible for storage.
"Colonial" screen - made from Australian Tasmanian Oak  (or similar) timber + 3 antiqued metal hinges per panel. (Hinges are actually centred unlike above image)
Bethany Linz 'The Great Shalimar' fabric.

Bethany's designs deserve to be displayed to their fullest advantage - and what better way than on a screen - double sided, backed with beautiful linen - so the screen looks elegant and attractive from all angles.

On top of that, the fabric panels are removable - yes interchangeable - so when you want to change your d├ęcor, simply remove the existing panels and replace with another set - all packaged up in sets of four and ready to be spanned across the screen.  An innovative (and patented) idea!

Screen height 1800mm x 4 panels 500mm wide.  Collapsible for storage.
"Coastal" screen - made from Australian Blackbutt timber + 3 stainless steel hinges per panel.
Bethany Linz 'Star Floral' fabric

All screens designed and made in Australia.
All enquiries:  Pauline Ollmann, T 0408001237

Bethany Linz - Modern Bohemia collection

An exciting start to the year, exhibiting for the first time at Life Instyle in Sydney and collaborating with Bethany Linz on a new boutique range of homewares made from her beautiful new textile and wallpaper collection "Modern Bohemia".  This exclusive range will be for sale from the Bethany Linz website.

Huge floor cushions, perfect for sprawling on or doubling up as seating, sofa cushions, lamp shades, throws - these are just some of the things that will now be available from her exquisite designs.