Monday, 19 November 2012

Bethany Linz Exhibition - Breathing Colours

If there is one exhibition you should go to this year, it's this one!  I first met Bethany Linz when we were working together at Mokum Textiles, where she was responsible for many of their more exquisite designs.  She has now decided to pursue her first love of printmaking and embossing and has produced these exceptional works of art.  Bethany is a rare talent and is deserving of recognition.   

Bethany's work has recently been published in the latest Belle magazine and Home Beautiful.

Hope to see you at the exhibition!  If you are looking for something special for your home, Bethany's artwork offers something new and rare that has personally been hand-crafted.
I was fortunate to speak to Bethany recently about her work:
P:  What is your favourite medium to work with - and why?
B:  I like to change mediums all the time - it's nice to see how a medium can change your creative style.  The medium that I have loved to use in the past would have to be oil pastels.  I love to use them like oil paint but use my fingers instead of a brush.  I even like to use them on a stretched canvas and layer them on really thick - it's a very messy medium but lots of fun!

P:  Your printing and embossing work is extremely detailed - can you explain the process involved and how long it takes to produce one of your works?
B:  When it comes to designing for an embossing, I really have to think about how detailed I can get the design while keeping in mind that I will have to carve it out of lino. Carving a lino block can be challenging, especially ones as large as mine.  My linos can take between three days and three months of work, all depending on size and detail.  It's also a challenge printing the lino blocks, being so large it's difficult rolling them through the press without any creases in the paper - it can be a long and expensive exercise just getting the printing press at the right pressure.

P:  What part of designing gives you the most pleasure and where do you draw most inspiration from?
B:  I think the most pleasurable part of the creative process would be looking at a finished piece of work and being happy with the end result.  There is nothing worse than spending days on a piece and hating it at the end.  I always tell myself though that I have learnt from the bad pieces and, without them, I wouldn't love the ones that work.  When I'm feeling a little lost for inspiration, I know I'll always find it in the Gallery of New South Wales in the Australian section. 
P:  You have recently been featured on the international blogspot "Design Sponge" - what would you like to achieve next moving forward?

B:  Being featured on Design Sponge was definitely a highlight of this year - it gave me the reasssurance that my work has an audience.  At the moment I'm concentrating on my up-and-coming exhibition, praying that it all goes smoothly and I sell some of my work!  In the future, I would like to continue with my art and become more of an established artist and possibly design a wallpaper or rug range - fingers crossed!

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