Monday, 28 October 2013

Establishing the 'Bethany Linz' Company

Lots of exciting news to catch up on.  Firstly, the beautiful Bethany Linz, my former colleague from Mokum Textiles asked whether I'd be interested in forming a company with her.  Beth and I bonded one day when given the dusty job of clearing the basement at Mokum in their old showroom and it's been a privilege to work with Beth ever since.  It's always a pleasure to work with someone who has the same design aesthete, doesn't skimp on quality and keeps you interested in what might be coming around the corner.  We share some good laughs too!

As a result of Beth's exhibition of her embossing, the digital design printing company Sparkk, established by the former owners of Mokum - the Rysenbry family, asked Beth to design a collection for them.  The "British India" collection was launched in August and has been a huge success - fabrics and wallpapers can now be sourced through Sparkk or Boyd Blue.  Coco Republic are now stocking cushions, the wallpaper has been installed in loads of beautiful spaces, including the famous Argyle Pub in The Rocks in Sydney and Sibella Court, stylist and interior designer has launched a range of surfboards using Bethany's "Grand Shalimar" design.  My favourite has to be "Calcutta" in Chartreuse as seen on the cushion below.  Any enquiries and more information can also be made of course through our website:

The designs speak for themselves.... beautifully styled by Beth with the help of her family and at her friend's coastal beach house, who wouldn't want to have some of this fabric or wallpaper in their homes... these images feature "The Grand Shalimar" rubber plant foliage, the "Calcutta" woodblock pattern and "V&A", a contemporary take on florals which is a homage to the great V&A Museum.



We were fortunate enough to be featured in Belle magazine and Home Beautiful as well.

Would love to hear your feedback and opinions etc.    This is just the beginning... lots of other amazing things have been happening too...,. 

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